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Betfred Casino Review

Betfred Casino has been in existence for the past 50 years offering betting services to bookies. It is one of the first betting shops to have been established.

It was born in 1967 a concept by two brothers Fred and Peter Done. The first Betfred Casino shop was in Salford and over the years Betfred Casino has been expanding its shops and acquiring others.

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It is now the biggest bookmaker worldwide with approximately 1400 shops. In 2002 Betfred Casino launched its telephone betting and in 2006 Betfred Casino extended its wings to mobile betting.

What does this tell you as a gambler? Betfred Casino is goal oriented, and they have a vision, and if you choose to play with Betfred, you are assured of some security with their history in the industry.


Betfred Betting Channels


Betfred Casino offers you a number of betting options, and it is upon you to pick what works for you. Will it be on course, telephone, online or mobile betting option?

Betfred Casino is quickly growing among UK’s eGaming businesses, and they have proper Licenced Betting Offices (LBO’s).


Key Highlights of Betfred Casino


At Betfred Casino you as a player matter. Their 10,000 plus staff give you differentiated excellent quality customer treatment which is a major building block in business today.



Various reviews from customers will attest Betfred Casino professionalism, warmth, politeness and quick customer response on the course and through their very efficient live chat.

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Betfred Casino also boosts of having its feet in British horse racing and pride to being the main coordinators of pool betting and the best daily bonuses there could be in the online betting world.


Betfred the “Bonus King”


Betfred Casino has crowned itself the bonus king. In a competitive environment, you need to have the cutting edge and stand out being different from the rest.

Betfred Casino Multi Bonus

Betfred Casino has certainly done this with its daily promotions and bonuses in a friendly and fun environment. Registering with Betfred Casino to play games and bet assures you enjoy monthly and weekly awards occasionally, reloaded bonuses, loyalty points, and an open round the clock interaction with its player support team.


What Does Each LBO Offer?


With Betfred Casino, you are assured of daily odds to bet on. The current minimum number of odds is 6 each day. This is a plus to any bookie as you have a chance to bet each day and on top of it all, Betfred Casino covers a variety of sports giving you an array of choices to pick from.



The insistence of the first-class quality service by their highly trained staff will be an understatement. While at Betfred Casino you will also get entertained by Betfred TV which you can use to your advantage and learn all there is to learn from previous wins, skills and upcoming events and more giving you and edge while researching on your next gambling move.


Betfred Digital Platform


To remain relevant in business monitoring, particular market trends in your field is key, so we hear from successful entrepreneurs. Online gambling has been taken by a storm and casinos have not been left behind this includes Betfred Casino who have embraced this competition to its advantage.


Betfred Casino Mobile


Betfred Casino has quickly cut itself out as UK’s fast growing online gambling casino. They have capitalized on the mobile phone which is a staple in people’s lives currently.

You as their customer are assured comfort on your palm while placing odds through the Betfred Casino online presence. Alternatively, you can access their site using your PC or tablet. Still at your convenience.

By Betfred Casino embracing technology with open arms, not only has it made customer experience memorable and fun but has boosted growth for Betfred Casino as a company.


Welcome Bonus


New to Betfred Casino? Betfred Casino values its players and has welcome bonuses as soon as you register with Betfred Casino and deposit cash with them. The minimum amount you can deposit is $5.


Responsible Gambling


Gambling has rules or ethics just as any profession as much as it is a leisure activity and some just disregard it. Betfred Casino thrives to uphold professionalism, and this includes properly vetting those who register with Betfred Casino.

One thing they are strict with usage. You can only register with Betfred Casino if you are 18 years old and above. Betfred Casino also goes further to carry out background checks when in doubt of any customer with their sophisticated software.


Betfred Casino


Occasionally a customer might be asked to submit certain verification documents. You as a customer should not take offense as they are just keeping it professional and avoiding a case of underage gambling.

Otherwise, Betfred Casino is not adamant on documentation unless again you win a huge sum and they need your paperwork to process your pay.


Download Betfred Casino Application


Betfred Casino can be downloaded for IOS, android and windows gadgets through Firefox, chrome or internet explorer. Betfred Casino is powered by Playtech software which ensures you get unique games such as IGT and the overall design package of the website is appealing for those fussy for the perfect design.


Betfred Casino Download


Playtech software has given their website the advantage of easy maneuvering between tabs and it is unlikely you will encounter bugs. Their live chat is awesome and often quick if not instant.


Payment Options


Betfred Casino has a number of payment channels such as bank transfers, debit and credit cards, eWallet and even cheques payments. Their payments are relatively fast, but this depends on the customer and their experience in online gambling sites.


Betfred Casino Bonus


From interacting with various reviews from those who have used Betfred Casino in their gambling, the general opinion is that the experience is awesome and they are happy with having chosen to play with Betfred Casino. Most clients are happy with the services they receive from the staff and upload the live chat and decent promotions.

However, on the other side, while some compare Betfred Casino with other online betting sites such as paddy power and coral, they say the withdrawals are not as fast, and the promotions are few and widespread. Apart from this most are happy with service delivery and at the end of the day payments are consistent.


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