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Gone are those days when only land-based casinos or race courses were the only ways for gambles to wager on. Right now, you can gamble from the comfort of your home via the online bookmakers and casinos.

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But when the industry is quite oversaturated with virtual bookies, it’s quite a feat to zero upon on the ideal site for you. Don’t go for free bets no deposit on roulette by advertisement. There are other concrete steps you may take, that ultimately lead you to your dream virtual bookmaker.

For a new-comer bettor in the market, the choices can be quite overwhelming. The following five recommendations will give you a heads-up towards the precise direction.


Set Your Priorities Straight


Setting your priorities is the first step towards becoming a victorious bettor. Do you have any specific sport in mind? Are you planning to borrow money or have enough bankroll of your own?

Do you know the point from where you will retract, if the losing spree continues? These are all some important questions to ask yourself before joining bets online.

If you are a risk-averse gambler, then look for bookmakers who offer simple wagers like parlays and straights. On the other hand, if riskiness runs in your blood, then look for quarter lines and teasers.


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But do remember one thing, whether you are loath to spend a lump sum amount on betting or not, start with tiny steps. If you are not confident about your betting skill much, then look for a bookmaker that offers free bets online (no deposit).

Once you gather enough expertise and confidence in your wagering skill, then go for paid bets. While a site like Odds Checker is famous for political/golf betting, William Hill is more known for football gambling. Choosing the right bookmaker is the part of winning plan and the next point for us, to discuss.


Research About the Bookmaker


Take utmost precaution before putting your stake on a bookie online. Do your homework thoroughly by running through the reviews of various online sites. Gambling com and Gamble Online are two prominent virtual platforms, where you will get to learn about the plethora of top notch bookmakers and their services.



Also, the internet is full of forums run by expert bettors, where you will get some tips about selecting the right betting site on your own. Apart from bonuses, an ideal betting site should offer you a whole package.

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Whether you have chosen a bookmaker by reading its stellar reviews or getting impressed with its offers, one must know that the license status of the bookmaker.

Each country has distinctive sets of rules for online gambling. Do you know that online political betting is banned in the USA? If you don’t want to get duped out of your hard-earned money, check out the legitimacy of the bookie first.


Be Knowledgeable About Bets


The most significant point of bets online is different nature of wagers. Have you ever heard of the three types of stakes one can put on? They are totals (over/under), point spread, and more importantly money line bets.


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If you are a newbie in the online betting industry, then it’s quite natural to feel overwhelmed with so much information.

To understand the distinctions among these three bets, you should start with totals (over/under). Here, there will be a betting total, when two teams are playing a match. All you need to do is to guess- whether the combined scores of two teams will be over or below of this total.

If totals wager is the easiest to grasp, point spread comes to a close second. For the aficionados of basketball or football, this wager type is most popular- whether you are looking for free bets online or paying for it. Here, the main aim is to affix a handicap, if the game ends in a draw or 50/50 proposal.



In the end, money line bet still tops the chart in terms of complexity of understanding, though for hockey and baseball this is the favorite choice. In money line bet, the payout amount will be constant- irrespective of the scores your team triumphs by.


Bonus is Not Be-All and End-All


The online gambling market is quite brimming with fly-by-night companies. How do they lure the innocent customers? By advertising their grand welcome bonus deals and the promise of free bets online.

But there is much to read between the lines. If a bookmaker is offering you ‘too good to be true’ deals, then: a) either it’s a scam or b) you are required to pay a great rollover obligation.

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Don’t know what it is? Well, before you draw your money ultimately, the rollover obligation makes you go through stormy waters like gambling with your bonus and credit.

Also, some online bookmakers do offer amazing bonuses in lieu of following some stringent rules and regulations. If you have a set keen eyes for details, then before signing up with such a site, you should check out for hidden directives.

Doing your research thoroughly will show you that, reputed bookmakers like Sportingbet, Bet365 or Ladbrokes never offer astronomical discounts or bonuses ever; or else it will be hard for them to sustain in the business.


What’s Extra There One the Plate?


Free sign-up bonus? Check. Free betting app to download? Check the availability of in-house betting, live streaming and chat room? Check. If you think that these are the prime points to inspect upon, while looking for your ideal bookie, then think again.

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The transparency in the banking system, 24*7 customer support, and easy user-interface are some of the other aspects that may make or break your betting experience. But don’t forget the most important one and that is proposed time of receiving your winning money.

If the bookmaker tends to delay your payment or posts vague messages about the not-so-definite payment time, then find one that is quite clear in announcing the payment timings. The whole world is going gaga over online betting, and there is no reason that you should be left behind. But before jumping the gun, plan elaborately and logically.


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