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How to Play Cleopatra Slots Online?

There are many variants of online slot games, and each one is unique and different in its own ways and means. Amongst the many such slots, there are reasons to believe, that Cleopatra Slots are something that can be considered as different. They are based on ancient times and days.

Grosvenor Cleopatra Slots

Therefore, the characteristics and names resemble some big movers and shakers who could have lived on this earth perhaps a few thousands of years ago. It could have names belonging to Greek and Roman god. Cleopatra slots are one such name which has become quite possible because of some obvious reasons.

Hence, it would be interesting to have a look at the various features and functionalities which the game offers. It would be pertinent to mention here that Cleopatra lived between the period 69BC and 30 BC.


Basic Information about Cleopatra Slots


This game is offered by the IGT platform and is one of the most commonly found slot games in almost all major online casinos the country and across the world. When we decide to play Cleopatra slots, we are looking at a game which made its beginning in the year 2006.



The images which are available in this game are stereotypical of the various Egyptian characters, and the slot themes are also built around it.

Play Cleopatra Slots

Though it is not a progressive jackpot slot, it does offer some of the best standard jackpots as far as the online casino gaming world is concerned. There are scores of bonuses and other such features that one could choose when they decide to opt for it.


How to Play Cleopatra Slots Online?


If you are playing Cleopatra slots online, then the next few lines will be interesting and informative. There is a total of 5 reels, and 20 pay lines are also available for gamers to choose from.

The punter has quite a few betting amounts to choose from when he or she decides to play this game. The cheapest betting amount could start from £0.02, and this is a single line.


Cleopatra Slots


The coin values can go up to £10 per line. However, you must understand that only one coin is allowed per line as far as betting is concerned.

The maximum stake which is available in this slot is £200 which is quite decent considering the maximum amount that is permitted to be wagered each line again. Hence, when you decide to play Cleopatra slots you always must keep this point in mind.


Some Common Icons Are Used


It also would be pertinent to mention that when you decide to go in for this online slot game, you can come across some commonly expected icons as slot themes.

Cleopatra Slots Try Game

It uses the most ancient Egyptian symbols, and it is the same which is used by other slot games which are built on similar lines. When you decide to choose the low paying icons, you can expect to come across playing card symbols.

On the other hand, when you decide to choose the high payment slots, you could come across some common themes like the flail and crook and the eye of the Ra, just to name a few.


Cleopatra Bonus Features


No casino game is complete without bonus features, and the same applies if you decide to play Cleopatra online. The game has a single scatter card, and the same is represented by the Sphinx.



When you come across two scatter symbols on the reels, you have a chance to win to double the total stake as a player. If a player can gather 3 scatter symbols, then the total stake will be multiplied by 5. 

Moon Games Cleopatra Slots

There are also some slots where the multiplier effect is done by 20 and 100. This, however, will happen if the player is able to accumulate 4 to 5 sphinx scatter icons at any place on the reels.


Cleopatra Slots Wild Symbol


The Cleopatra slot is also known for its wild symbols. When one comes across one or more of such wild icons, it will be able to substitute itself for any other symbols on the reels.

Kerching Cleopatra Slots

This will be in addition to the scatter icons. There are some more benefits too as far as these wild icons are concerned. It will help the player to complete a pay line that offers high winning opportunities. Additionally, it also will double the winnings and, therefore, is a double benefit option as far as the players are concerned.


The Famed Cleopatra Bonus


It also would be interesting to have a closer look at the famous Cleopatra bonus. These will be triggered when a player is able to come across 3, 4 or even 5 Sphinx scatter symbols. Though this may not exactly be referred to as a bonus round, the players will get a chance to go in for free spins which could bring in huge profits to them.



Three or more such scatter icons will lead to scattered payouts and will also reward the players with additional 15 free spins. When the 15 free spins are on, the payout amounts will also go up by 3 times. However, this will not be applicable if the player has been able to accumulate 5 wild icons.

Kerching Cleopatra Free Spins

There also is the possibility for players to go in for retriggering free spins when they go in for free spin bonus rounds. Hence, the players will be able to play up to a maximum of 180 times by taking advantage of the free spins feature. Once the 180 free spins have been exhausted, it is all over even if a few are left unused.


Something More About Cleopatra Slots


When it comes to style and gameplay, there are many reasons to believe that choosing Cleopatra slots would certainly be a great decision.

Hence, when all the above factors are taken together and looked at in totality, there is no doubt that slot game lovers will have many reasons to choose this variant of the game. This explains the reason for its growing popularity at all points of time.


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