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How to Play Slot Machines Online for Real Money?

To play Rainbow Riches slot machine for real money is pretty much easy: you select the slot machine game that you wish to play, select the number of coins that you want to play, click on the spin button and let the reels spin. Depending on how lucky you are, you will win, or you might lose.

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Still, if you really want to make the most out of the play money and win some real money in the process, you might want to read below to get your answer to “How to Play Slot Machines Online For Real Money?”


How to Play Slot Machines Online For Real Money? | The Basics


You are well aware of the classic slot machine games that are normally found in the land-based casinos. The ones that have you have to play the slot machines for real money too and get a three combination symbols, which are identical to win.

In the UK, they are popularly referred to as the fruit machines, and in countries such as Australia, they are referred to as Pokies machines.



To play this slot machine games, you have to understand their basic principles. These same principles will guide you play slot machines online for real money.

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Unlike the slot machines real money games, that are found in the land-based casinos, the slot machines online have a slightly different gameplay online.

Most of them have at least 5-reels as opposed to the 3-reels. In this slot games, the winning pattern does not have to be in the middle row just like in the traditional slots machines. Instead, it can be placed anywhere; zigzag or diagonal. Weird, right? Well, wait until you start winning and know how fun this is!


Slot Machines Paylines


To play slot machines real money games, you have to know what pay lines are. These “lines” from the most basic part of the slots machines and will vary from one online casino game to another. Normally, they will vary from 9 to 30 different pay lines on every slot game.

In a game that has say 25-paylines, it will imply that for every spin that you make, there will be up to twenty-five different combinations of winning the game.


How to Play Slot Machines


The twenty-five pay lines might be running across, diagonally, horizontally or zigzag in the reels. What is important for you to note is that if you happen to get any of the pay lines, you will automatically be a winner.

Another important point to note is that your winning combination can be anywhere along the pay line. This means that the matching symbols don’t have to be anywhere next to each other or in any specific pattern.


How Many Paylines You Need to Activate?


Let’s have a look at this using our previous example of 25-paylines. For every spin that you shall be making, you shall have twenty-five possible outcomes.

Before you make any spin, it is crucial that you know the exact number of paylines that need to be activated to play slot machines for real money. You can just decide to activate a single line or 18 lines.



The point is you have the choice of activating from 1 up to 25 lines. You, however, cannot choose the exact lines that you want to activate, but you can only choose the number.

If you choose to bet on 2 lines, you will be playing for 2 coins for each spin. Betting on 25 lines will enable you to play for 25 coins for each spin. Note the higher the number of lines that you bet on, the higher the amount of money that you shall be spending on the game.


Do You Increase Your Chances of Winning by Activating More Paylines, When You Play Slot Machines on Real Money Games?


There is no guarantee that you will win. In most reviews that you may come across, you’ll be advised to activate the maximum number of paylines to increase your chances of winning on a single spin.

Slot Machines for Real Money

This is true but remember you shall be spending more money. If you have a tight bankroll, work with it to maximize your chances of winning by playing for long. Have we mentioned that you could play slots machines real money games and win the games without the scatter symbols being aligned? This is how.


The Wilds and Scatter Symbols


It is possible that you win by having just two symbols along the payline as well as a wild symbol. The wilds can be used to replace other symbols to form winning combinations.

For instance, if you have two giraffes and a lion as a wild symbol in the Mega Mullah slot game, then the lion can replace the other animal and act like a giraffe to form a winning combination.


Play Slot Machines Online For Real Money


Another great symbol is the scatter symbol. Just as the name suggests, this symbol can scatter anywhere on the paylines to earn you bonus rounds, free spins, and coin prizes.

As long as they appear anywhere on the paylines, you are guaranteed of a win. However, to earn the mentioned prizes, you will need at least three or more of the scatter symbols to appear on the lines.




Scatter symbols don’t have to appear on the Paylines for you to win. As long as they are visible on the screen, they count.



Also, the scatters are best known to activate multipliers, i.e., it multiplies your winnings. If you get a multiplier of ×3 or ×4, your original bet will be multiplied by the multiplier.

Lastly, the wild symbols cannot substitute the scatter symbols. You will be required to have three scatter symbols to get a winning feature, and in such a case, the wild cannot stand for a scatter.


How to Play Slot Machines?


To play slot machines for real money games, you will have to complete these two easy steps:


  • Decide on the amount of money to bet. On the slot machine, there is the maximum and minimum bet points. For instance, from 0.5 up to 50 coins.

  • Next, decide on the number of paylines that you want to be activated.

  • Click on the spin button to play slot machines for real money



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