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How to Play Slots Online for Real Money?

If you are looking for how to play Rainbow Riches slots online for real money, this is the right section for you. We have an in-depth guide on how you will start from registration up to how you will cash out your winnings.

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Whether you are new to play slots online for real money or looking on how to improve on playing the game, we have your back.


How to Play Slots Online for Real Money?


If making a trip to your nearest local casino isn’t possible just coz of the lazy bug bite, don’t worry. You can still win crazy amounts of money by playing the game thanks to the online casino websites, which have numerous numbers of online slots games.

The slots online have numerous gaming features as compared to the ones that are found in the land-based casinos and in addition to this, they have better payout rates – at an average of 94%.

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In addition, the fruit machines and the games themselves have superior sound effects and graphics as compared to the ones located in the land based casinos. I’m pleased to tell you that play slots online is interesting than at the land-based casinos.


How to Play Slots Online?


Play slots online and winning real money in the process is very easy. You have first of all to create an account with the online casino website of your choice. To choose one, visit the various websites that have a list of reputable online casinos.

Visit the website and click on the sign-up tab to start the registration process. The process involves providing your personal details at the site and confirming your account after which you will be expected to make a deposit to start playing.


Depositing funds into your online casino account


To play slots online for real money, you have to deposit real money into your account. This you can use various methods supported by your chosen casino.

For example, you can decide to use the credit or debit card to make deposit. If you request to make a bet on your slots game, and you don’t have enough funds to place the bet, you may be asked to provide your card Security Number, the three numbers that are behind your card.

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Once you enter the numbers, your account will be automatically be credited with your described amount. Depending on the payment method that you have chosen, the deposits should always reflect instantly.

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For example, the eWallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Entropay and PayPal should reflect instantly. Bank wire transfers and cheques may take some time for your bank to process the payment and authorize it.


How To Play Slots for Free?


Once you are through with the registration process and deposited cash, you now have the green light to play slots online. There are various ways through which you can do this.

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You can decide to play for free without using any of your cash. This is the recommended method as it helps you familiarize yourself with the online casino game. To start playing for free, select the casino game of your choice and select the “play slots for free” option. This way, you will have up to 3 minutes, which you can play the game.

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The other options, which is almost similar to the free or play money option is playing the slots games using the bonus offered. Most of the reputable and top online casinos will offer you bonuses once you sign up with their website. Use this bonus to play the slots game.

In fact, the winnings, which you get from the bonus, are normally withdrawable in real money form after you meet the casinos wagering requirements.

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The last option is by using the money that you deposited into your account. The amount that you spend will contribute towards the wagering requirements, and the winnings that you get will be withdrawable instantly.


Cashing Out or Withdrawing the Winnings


Once you win your casino games, you have the option of withdrawing instantly or waiting until you have met the casinos wagering requirements.

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Once you have enough money to withdraw, you can simply use the methods that you used to withdraw.


Slot Strategies – Are they Really Valid?


Slots, unlike other online casino games, are an easy to play game. There is no slots strategy that can be used to guarantee you success while playing the game as it is a game based purely on chance. If you’ve read a book or articles telling you of Slots strategies, then they are lying to you.

The outcome of the slots games is usually determined by the Random Number Generators (RNG). This software is responsible for making the casino slots games fair at all times. Heck, they are normally tested by independent third party companies as part of the casinos licensing.

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The RNG software takes a seed/starting number, which it uses in combination with a sophisticated algorithm to randomly generate a new number. This new number is usually the result of the spin that you get.


Is the RNG software designed to favor the casino?


Like stated earlier, the RNG software is normally tested and approved by independent third party companies as part of the casinos licensing requirement. Companies such as eCogra and the Government are some of the reputable licensing and testing parties.

Within these companies, they have employees who are professional and trained to adhere to strict auditing procedures. They, therefore, evaluate and rate the various casinos RNGs to the set standards after which they give a green light for the casino to continue offering the services.


What happens when you get disconnected while playing Slots?


Most of the online casino websites have the resume to play option. With this option, you have the ability to resume right from where you were at the time of disconnection. It is however important that before you start playing online, you ensure that you have a stable internet connection, and one that has very good speeds.


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