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The online gambling industry is soaring new heights – both in terms of generating revenue and acquiring customers. Casino online is thrilling due to a vast selection of games, tempting Rainbow Riches casino bonuses and the comfort of playing at home.

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But one cannot ignore the hard luck many first timers face. If you think that downloading loads of betting related PDFs, gluing to the TV for sports news, memorizing important terms, and practicing online for free can make you a winner, then think again.

Every casino has some impish, little secrets, which they don’t want to divulge. But decoding them can make your victory easy. For laying your hands over that dream prize money and unlocking the door of latest casino bonuses, read on.


Games Having Minor House Advantage


No top-notch casino in Britain shies away from advertising latest casino bonuses in the UK on its site. For reasons, easy to understand, they will never promote the betting plays that provide the gamblers with the edge over the house.

Are you dying to know those games? Okay, here they come, blackjack, video poker and the game of craps. If you have some basic knowledge and passable skill in any of them, you can look forward to a very nice payout and a satisfied run till the end.

Latest Casino Bonuses

Among these widely popular but little known for their secret bias towards the bettors) games, the classic blackjack should be your first choice, if you are yearning for a little ego boost. Do you know that single deck game of blackjack has an almost 0.46% edge over the house? So, don’t get lured by progressive jackpots.

Dig some more, and you will find a plethora of information regarding the lower house edge games. But do remember, to prove fortunate in this category of games, you should hone your betting skill along with chalking out a complete strategy.


Messing Up with the Winning Streak


You visit a casino, put a bet amount $500 and walk away with $1500, after a (metaphorically) bloody battle of gambling. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if winning and quitting were that simple in a casino?

The casino will definitely try to muddle your winning streak within its prerogative. Most of the naïve bettors always make the same mistake, and that is forgetting nobody is in the game of gambling for charity’s sake.



The house will always have an edge at the end, even if it has the slightest margin over the bettor, as mentioned in the above point about low house edge plays.

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So, what does it have in its arsenal, to not let you go of the game? The answer is the lure of insurance, side bets and much more. In an exotic variant of blackjack, once you reach a certain level, the dealer will offer you insurance.

Amidst the glitzy display of latest casino bonuses and the illuminating invitation of high roller’s club, it’s quite possible to lose your head and go for more wagers. But understand the elusive trick and know when to draw the line.


Underplaying Certain Clauses


This point requires your sharp mathematical skill to walk away with a lump sum incentive. If you are a first-time bettor from the UK, then you may feel giddy with lots of latest casino bonuses offering.

The bonus is what drives the gambling industry no doubt. But do remember that, not ever grand incentive or the sign-up deal is devoid of the interest, of casino... The marketing strategy of an ambitious casino will underplay the strict clauses that come with bonuses. It is the duty of yours to spot them out.

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Do you know that unless and until you don’t wager your welcome bonus till certain (and quite high in most of the cases) level, you can’t withdraw the money? This is called wagering requirement from the part of the casino and in most of the cases, the requirement is somewhere sandwiched between 25-50x.

Only a handful of casinos like Fruity Casa or Leo Vegas are exceptional in demanding much lower wagering requirement.

Scrutinizing the clauses also let you know the legitimacy of the casino in your country, and whether it follows the rules and regulations imposed by the authority. In this way, you can also stay away from the sham companies, which could rip you off your money otherwise.


The Psychological Warfare


Modern day online gambling is nothing but a psychological warfare. You may think that your preconceived notion has taught putting stake online is only about the system of betting, chasing bonuses, saving up enough bankroll and planning strategy.



But that’s not so basic anymore. Obviously, the glossing advertisement is an integral part of this psychological warfare. So, if you in hope to get the modest casino bonuses; the glitzy ads publicizing the ‘happy’ stories about ‘lucky’ progressive jackpot winners, shall certainly push you to bet big.

But for a starter with not-so-much-knowledge regarding the nitty-gritty of gambling, progressive jackpots can set a financial ruin trap.

Not only casinos but you will find that your fellow seasoned gamblers are also spreading various rumors in the garb of ‘hot insider’s tips.' Like? One of the most outrageous gossips is the slot machine gets tightened before rolling out a handsome payout.

Also, if you spend considerable time online researching about various tricks and tips that may leverage your win, you will certainly land upon myths surrounding Random Number Generator (RNG).

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Don’t let them deter you from your path or put so much pressure on you that you start drinking while gambling. If a stretch of losing spree is putting you off, then take a break from online gambling and find another persuasion for few weeks.

Everything said and done, bear it in mind that there is no universal betting system, which guarantees you a smooth run with the machine. You will face hiccups, bad patch and level of difficulty along with committing other blunders.  Do remember that by getting your hands dirty in the trials; you can master the game of betting.


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