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Online Slot Machines in the UK

Slots Machines, just like anything else in this world, can be grouped into different types. The different types of slots machines will depend on a number of factors.

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By the time you are done reading this article, you shall have known how the different type of online slots machines is categorized.


Slots Machines: Categorization Per Denominations


One of the ways that the slots machines online are categorized is by looking at the type of denominations that they have.

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There are slots machines that you can use if you only have pennies while there are those machines that will only operate when you use dollars. Yet, there are the types of machines that will allow you to use different denominations.

Some of the most common and widely used denominations at the land-based casinos include the pennies, nickels, quarters, the dollars and the high limit.


Slots Machines: Classification Per the Number of Reels


In case you are wondering what reels are, they are the symbols that spin in front of the machine when you press or click on the spin button. In the past, the slot machines reels were huge hoops made from huge metal which spun when you pulled the lever.

However, time has passed this type of slots machines, and they are used at the shows. These slot machines have been replaced by modernized and computerized reels.

The traditional and old school machines used to have three reels with those advanced and more complex slots games having five reels.

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With the modernized online slot machines, you can now have an opportunity of playing with the machines that have up to 25 reels. This extra number of reels has made even the free online slot machines UK games have better and higher pay as compared to the traditional ones.


Classification of Slot Machines Per Game Types


Just like you have read, the free online slot machines UK games and the world, in general, has evolved over the past years from games that had the basic 3 reels to games that now have 25 reels.


Online Slot Machines


In fact, there are slots games that are 3D, creating a real-world image when you are playing the game. Some of the slots classified under this section are as follows:


  • The classic slots

  • The video slots

  • The Pokies

  • 3D slots



The CLASS II & CLASS III Slots Machines


In the United States, different states classify the slots machine games into two main categories: the CLASS III games and CLASS II games. Class III games are widely found in states such as Atlantic City, Reno, Las Vegas and the other United States renowned states.

In fact, the CLASS III slot machines are also referred to as the “Vegas-Style” slots machine. The results of each and every spin rely on how the reels spin, with each of the machines’ reels being independent of the other.



On the other hand, the CLASS II slot machines are found in smaller gambling establishments. The games played through this machines are less the same as the lottery games or Bingo. Instead of playing this games against the casino, you will be competing against another player.

The games that are played in this type of slots machines will be identical to the traditional slot machines in terms of the sound effects and appearance, but the design and working mechanism behind the machine is bingo-based. The results that you get in this game are dependent on how other results go.


The Online Slot Machines vs. The Land-Based Slot Machines in the UK


The online slot machines UK games are only accessible either through your mobile device or your desktop. They work in the same manner like the land-based slot machines, but all the money you win is handled online through the various online banking methods.

The online slot machines UK games and services have various advantages over the land-based slot machines both to the player and the online casino.

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For example, since the machines are located online, there is no need of having large spaces. All that is required is a web domain and hosting, and everything else is okay.

There is no need of paying huge amounts of rent money like in the traditional casinos. This has consequently had a great impact on the players online. They have been able to receive huge bonuses and other promotions related to the slots games.


The Flat Top Slot Machines vs. the Progressive Slot Machines


The flat top slots machines online or at the land-based casinos are those that have a fixed prize. These machines offer a lower prize as compared to the progressive slot machines.

On the other hand, the progressive online slot machines are those, which have a jackpot that increases with time. What happened is that the machines are usually linked to a network from various casinos.



Every time a player uses a slot machine that is linked to the network, a small percentage of the stake goes into the “pool” making the jackpot grow bigger until a lucky winner hits the “Jackpot.” This type of slot machine rarely pays off.


FAQs on Slots Machines in the UK



Are the Slot Machines in the UK Rigged to Favor the Casino?


No. The slot machines in the UK are usually installed with the RNG software. This Random Generating Number machine that generates number randomly corresponds to the game’s results making the results totally random and unpredictable


Is It Possible to Play the Free Online Slot Machine Games without Registering?


Yes. Every legitimate casino should have the free online slot machines UK games that enable you to practice before playing for real money. It’s actually advisable that you try the free games before playing for real money to gauge your luck on that session.


The Slot Machines in the UK vs. the Pokies Machines in Australia, Are They Any Different?


Just like we refer to a friend as a mate in the UK, so do the Australians refer to slot machines as Pokies machines. There is no difference at all in the working principle of the machines.


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