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Top 9 Online Gaming Sites

Video games are getting more and more popular among people of all ages. Previously, these games were child’s play, but today, everyone likes online games more than anything.

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You can sit in the comfort of your house and play numerous kinds of games. For this increasing popularity, Rainbow Riches casino sister sites around the world are coming with new and exclusive types of games to win hearts of the players.


A Brief Overview on Online Gaming


Online gaming is such an industry which is growing fast, and the statistics will blow your mind the growth rate is 20% each year!

There are countless gaming sites over the internet which caters every type of players. If you are a fan of racing games, you just need to search it with the keyword and the collection of each site will mesmerize you. Game developers are coming up with new and exclusive ranges of games for people of every age.


Reasons behind the Popularity of Online Gaming Sites


  • People love to play games. And when you get something exciting inside your house, or to be more precise, on your lap or palm, you won’t go searching for anything else. The gaming industry has realized the pulse of players, and this is one of the most popular reasons of the immense of the popularity of these sites.

  • Another reason for the constant growth of online gaming industry is the love for games. You don’t need any partner to play such games. Just click on the accurate site and start playing. You can also play with a computer also.

  • One of the most important reasons for the popularity of gaming sites is the advertising. Life without the internet is impossible today. Advertisers know that advertising of their products or services on gaming sites will reach more and more people. And on the other hand, the gaming sites also flourishing day and night with the huge revenue from advertisers.

  • While visiting any sites, you must have watched lots of video ads. These ads are gaining huge popularity on the game sites. Per researches, people prefer to watch nice videos before starting any game than static ads.

  • There are lots of gaming sites which arrange free gaming competition over the internet. Therefore, it is such an industry whose graph of popularity never goes down.


Types of Famous Online Gaming Sites


Gaming online is so addicting nowadays. Whenever you type online gaming sites on search engines, you get numerous results. If you are a regular gamer, you are accustomed to the names like MiniClip,, etc. There are lots of other sites which contains multitudes of interesting games.




While talking about the best online gaming sites, this will take the leading position. The array of games will blow your mind, and you will surely be confused what to play and what not.


Gaming Online


The most famous games of this site are puzzle games, racing games, sports games, games for girls and much more. They even have specific games for mobiles also. There are games, suitable for android, iPhone and windows phone.




Once you click on, you will be welcome with a huge stock of free online games. Starting from hidden object games to puzzle games, Agame is the other name of the variety.



You can get any game that matches your style and most importantly, they provide new games and exciting levels every day. You can even rate these games while playing.


Addicting Games


The name is totally apt for this site. You will get addicted to this site once you click it. The huge range of adventure games, dress-up games, arcade games, flash games, word games, shooting games, etc. not only make your kids happy but also keep you attracted to the site.

Addicting Games Online Gaming Site

The developers minutely design every game with catchy visuals that keeps you connected with them.


Yahoo Free Online Games


Everyone feels happy while getting a chance to play exciting games with wonderful visuals at free. At Yahoo Games, you can get huge games of every type to enjoy.

Yahoo Online Gaming Site

The multi-player games are very interesting where you get a chance to chat with other players. You will also get games exclusive for mobile download.


Nick Free Games


Developers have exclusively designed the games for kiddos. The backgrounds, visuals, animations and levels of the games are so exciting that kids love this sight.


Online Gaming Sites


They get a chance to play with their favorite Nick characters like SpongeBob, Winx Club, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. There are also unique games for girls, mini games inside bigger games, multiplayer games, drawing and music games, etc. which children will really love.


Games com


As you know, there are gaming sites for all ages. Do you love to play casino games on your laptop or mobile and get the thrilling experience of the live casino?

Aol Online Gaming Site

Then this is the site you should check out. Besides, other regular games, you will also get casino games, like slots, poker, board games, etc. here. Playing those on this site is real fun.


Fog com


If you are looking for games which can immediately wipe out your stress and rejuvenate you with sheer enjoyment, this is the site you should have a look.


Gaming Online Sites


The games are designed for kids, but when you play the arcade games, puzzle games, action games, etc., you will know how interesting those are for even grownups. You will surely return to play more games here.


Armor Games


This is one of the best online gaming sites where you can get a variety of games including, war games, strategy games, sports game, racing games and much more.


Online Gaming


There are also several types of free flash games and other games which make you happy. Whatever game you are looking for, you can get it here.


King Free Online Games


Enter their world of exciting games and lost yourself in the world of awesome games. The graphics, animation, backgrounds, levels everything from the games is mind blowing. Here, you also get a chance to make friends in their players’ community.

King Online Gaming Site

So, have you got enough information about online gaming? Choose any of these popular sites and start playing. Enjoy!


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