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The Wizard of OZ (Slots Online)

Lovers of the online casino would never leave the name of Wizard of OZ slot as they confer the best possible things to their admirers and players. Interested and willing players should know the fact that the concept is derived from L.

Frank Baum’s original kind of novel. In it, the story of the Dorothy is depicted in which, the Kansas farm girl is seen to sweep away to all the fantasy Land of Oz in Orlando.

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Here, all her adventures with the Lion, Tinman, Scarecrow and other things are detailed very beautifully. The typical slot of WMS gaming is much more familiar to the original types of story.

It is a five reel and a special type of famous Rainbow Riches slot to offer you the exclusive pleasure of playing this extremely enjoyable game, and that is with confidence.


Wizard of OZ Slot: Bonus Features


Every online casino tries to allure clients to them for different numbers of reasons, and it is also no such exception to the rule. In the domain of bonus, the name of Glinda the good witch feature is best. They will have witnessed to appear during the time of standard gameplay and turn between one or other five reels into the special types of expanding winds.



Apart from that, you should also find some other prominent bonus offers too just like OZ Pick feature.

Play Wizard of OZ

In the option, you will in need to land into the areas of Emerald cities on the reel one, 3 or 5 to trigger out the bonus. And to perform that, you need to pick on the amount of symbol into the associated screen.


Cash Prize


To win a cash prize, you will come out with several options, and amongst them, winged monkey feature is best. You will be going to get some exclusive winged monkey feature, and in that, you will be awarded different exclusive schemes.

In the option, you are going to get special types of free 8 spins if you managed to land on a special winged monkey feature to fly onto the screen and turn some random symbols wild.


Wizard Of OZ


These wilds are especially found to offer you increased chances of winning combos. The Wizard of OZ slots is always considered to be best.

In the case of selecting best types of deal, you can also pick or select different characters, and by that way, you can also have counted as eligible to uncover the special types of character or return to the base path, and that is a yellow brick road. Here you are eligible to collect much of emerald which you need to collect to strengthen your position and follows its path too.


Process of Following


In the eve of selecting, it, you should feel confused and trust it if you are not so much aware of the thing, and it is very natural and good to follow it. Rather you should try it with confidence. If you are stressed about their authenticity, let me tell you, there is no reason to offend it out.



It probably takes the second position in the sector of popularity, and they are going to offer you some exclusive deal on the contrary. Reasons of their popularity can be very much different. They can avail it free of cost, and you can use them for your convenient reasons also.

After you have tried them, you should always try them for free of cost. So, if you want a medium that can avail the fun for free for sometimes, then it is the right option for you.


Excellent Quality Software


After the departure of the great games like Jackpot Party Casino, the owner WMS seemed to take the happy part to introduce the new section of the game and takes the very good deal to licensed their software.

They have successfully done this, to their infinite wisdom and to make sure about the fact that, their game can feature only to the great and reputed numbers of websites only.


The Wizard Of OZ Slots


By this way, they should also allow you to play special types of wizard or wizard of OS for the real-life money. They also introduced a special type of list in which you can observe or notice about the right types of casino and what you should follow if you really want to have them to earn some real money.


Features of the Game


The developer of the game is awarded with the fact and be aware of the changing trend. They know, now games with dull image and resolution will fail to attract passengers to them.

Wizard of OZ Slot Rules

For that, you seem to participate a lot in the most exclusive game. They have taken care that the quality of the game should always be very good the resolution is also very good. They present the game in best possible manners so that you can find your comfort and pleasure while playing in it.


Wizard of OZ: Big Win!


Behind the popularity and success of the game, many things are found. For example, you can take the name of Wizard of OZ slots online and can notice their fruitfulness.



They have made the process of registration very easy and convincing, and you don’t have to strain much for it. Following the website will enlighten you about everything you should need.


Security and Customer Care


In the case of playing online casino, security is the prime thing that people should look for. Here all things are protected by high-end encryption and all dealings, or personal information is protected from hackers or any kinds of forgeries.

Apart from that, a section of customer care is also very perfect, and you should always find your ease while playing only because of them. They are equipped with all necessary information and can help you out with all your queries. You will chase your dream while playing comfortably with the passion.


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